What We Do

  • Introduction

    American Science and Technology Center (ASTC) is creating an Economic Driver for the NY – Tri State region and beyond!

  • Objective

    ASTC seeks to elevate Science and Technology with the creation of the “World of Tomorrow”... a “Disneyesque” Edutainment Center designed to recapture the imagination of all ages and provide a ground breaking educational experience.

  • World of Tomorrow

    In the future, America will be defined by our –. However the US ranks 26th in the World in Science and Math and 30th in Education requiring action to be taken to regain an edge and restore U.S. leadership.

  • Hudson Valley Prototype

    Our phased approach will begin with a Prototype to house our High-Tech Showcase to include an outreach to potential Investors Donors and Celebrities. As we expand the concept to a Future City and Real Estate Model we will afford citizens the chance to live and work off the grid with features that will allow for a greatly enhanced quality of life.

  • Edutainment Center Concept

    Our new “World of Tomorrow – Edutainment Center” offers a unique series of programs and services that will educate the next generation in a unique and entertaining way: One that combines an imaginative combination of 21st Century High Tech approaches that utilize Competitions in an Interactive Tech and Innovation Center.

  • Future Plan

    Our Future plan is to create a “One-Stop Educational Campus” that’s main function is to prepare students at all levels for careers in Science and Technology. Thus, our unique creation will serve American students K - College in order to help America create the expertise needed to compete in the global economy of the 21st Century.

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  • Time Machine

    The Time Machines will allow visitors to explore the Past Present and Future.